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Exercises to Prevent Hair Loss Exercises to Prevent Hair Loss

Increased blood flow on the scalp will help improve the health of your hair by supplying more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. Exercising […]

Remedies for Thickening Hair

In today’s hectic lifestyle, hair loss problems plague millions of people around the globe. There are many factors that can contribute to hair fall and […]

Healthy Hair Growth

Defective hair or slow growth of hair requires a lot of care. Even to maintain a healthy hair, proper care must be taken. Regular hair […]

Homemade Hair Conditioner

Today, you can find a number of different hair conditioners in the market, claiming that they can give that fabulous, silky hair, soft and smooth […]

Homemade Hair Masks

Our hair is often exposed to many different chemicals that include hair styling products such as hair straighteners, hair dyes and other hair care products. […]

Top 21 Herbs for Hair Growth

A slight change in your hair style or your hair texture can change your entire looks and personality. And today, hair loss is becoming one […]

Top 4 Vitamins to Prevent Hair Loss

In today’s fast paced and hectic lifestyle, millions of people are plagued by hair loss problems. And today, receding hair lines and hair loss is […]

Tips for Hair Growth After Chemotherapy

Losing hair after chemotherapy is a very frustrating condition and makes the affected person embarrassed. After chemotherapy, it takes a long time for the hair […]

Cocoa Butter for Hair Loss

Cocoa butter is another effective ingredient that benefits your hair and skin. It is a natural oil butter that forms an important ingredient in various […]

Can Meditation help Hair Re-growth?

Hair loss is been signified as caused due to excessive levels of stress a person undergoes everyday. There are a lot of people approaching the […]