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Hair Transplant Side Effects Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair loss is becoming one of the major causes of concern in today’s society for both men and women. Fortunately, there are many treatment options […]

Solutions for Female Thinning Hair Solutions for Female Thinning Hair

Hair loss is a common problem, which can affect both men and women equally, however the pattern of hair loss in men and women may […]

Herbs for Thicker Hair Herbs for Thicker Hair

Most of the people don’t like listless, thinning hair, especially women. Many men and women wish to have more luxurious and thicker hair. Fortunately, there […]

Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

The normal moisture level of hair is 10% and when this moisture level decreases, hair becomes dry and frizzy. Therefore, you need to take good […]

Exercise and Hair Loss Exercise and Hair Loss

Studies have revealed that regular exercise can keep your hair and health healthy. However, one should also understand that exercising vigorously without taking proper nutritious […]

Homemade Hair Packs for Hair Fall

It’s very distressing when we notice our crowning glory shedding like anything, and it is more upsetting when we try hard to control and it […]

Bald Spot on Head Treatments

Bald spot on head is different from baldness. Males and females are equally affected with this kind of hair loss condition. This hair loss condition […]

How to Regrow Hairline

Having a receding hairline or hair loss is becoming the main cause of concern of many people, including both young and older people around the […]

Hair Loss in Women

More than two thirds of the women today are experiencing hair loss at some of point or the other. Hair loss can be traumatic for […]

Side Effects of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a popular treatment for removing the curls and frizz of hairs. It is also called ‘miracle straightening treatment’. It is a […]