Hair Loss

Grow Hair Back Naturally

Hair loss is a worrisome and very embarrassing experience for everyone. It can affect both men and women at any age group. There are several factors that can contribute to hair loss or thinning hair. Luckily, there are various simple ways that can help you restore your hair back, if practiced religiously in a proper way. One of the most effective ways to grow hair back naturally is by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp, using certain herbs that can promote hair growth, and incorporating certain minerals and vitamins into your diet. Read on the article to learn more tips on how to stimulate hair regrowth naturally.

Follow a Diet Rich in Minerals and Vitamins:

  • Minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and iodine are crucial for healthy hair growth and hair strength. Iodine and calcium are present in dairy products, while iron and zinc are found in protein-rich foods.
  • Vitamin A, B-complex and E are essential for healthy hair and fast hair growth. Vitamin A is essential for oil or sebum production in your scalp for healthy hair growth. Lack of sebum production can lead to dry and brittle hair, which can contribute to hair loss.
  • Vitamin E helps repair damaged hair and scalp, and also helps to keep your hair follicles healthy and clear, while vitamin B-complex plays an important role for overall healthy hair and the hair strength.
  • All these vitamins can be obtained in green-leafy vegetables and fruits. Deficiency of these minerals and vitamins can lead to hair loss. Therefore, one should increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals in order to stimulate hair regrowth and overall healthy hair.

Increase Blood Circulation:

  • Scalp is often one of the body parts that remains deprived of proper blood flow. There are two major reasons behind this.
  • The first reason is that, scalp doesn’t get enough stimulation like the rest of your body, and secondly blood circulation in the scalp is often limited due to lack of muscles in it. Therefore, the hair does not receive enough nutritions for healthy hair growth, and it leads to thinning hair or baldness.
  • So, one of the best ways to promote hair regrowth is to improve blood circulation in your scalp, and the easiest way to increase blood flow is to massage your scalp at least three times per week by using any vegetable oil.
  • Olive oil is consider one of the best herbal essential oils for hair strength and hair growth. However, you can also try using mustard oil or coconut oil if you don’t find olive oil. To get the best results, massage the scalp with lukewarm olive oil before you go to bed and wash it off the next morning with a mild shampoo. You can follow this remedy every alternate day to stimulate hair regrowth.
  • Another effective way to improve your scalp’s blood circulation is to try hanging your head over the edge of the couch or bed for at least 5-7 minutes. Do this exercise two times a day to grow hair back naturally. It may sound unbelievable, but it is very effective when practiced these simple techniques on a regular basis.

Use Herbs:

  • Using certain herbs is the answer, if you are looking for remedies or effective tips to stimulate hair regrowth after chemotherapy. There are several herbs available that can help reduce hair loss and encourage faster hair growth. These include catnip, burdock and chemomile.
  • Apart from radiation therapy, if your hair loss is associated with some stressful situations, you can try using chamomile herb to treat your hair loss problem. This herb helps to soothe stress and improves hair growth.
  • Burdock and catnip promote fast hair growth and therefore they are found in various shampoos and conditioners as the main components, especially in haircare products formulated for hair loss treatment.
  • Drinking green tea and sage tea can also help reduce hair fall and encourage hair growth.

These are some simple yet effective ways to grow hair back naturally. Following the above mentioned tips on a regular basis will not only promote hair regrowth but also prevent further hair loss. These remedies can be followed by both men and women who want to promote hair growth naturally. To learn more tips on how to promote hair growth naturally, we also suggest you to read another article on Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally.

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