Hair Loss

Exercises to Prevent Hair Loss

Increased blood flow on the scalp will help improve the health of your hair by supplying more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. Exercising on a regular basis will help you improve the blood circulation on the scalp and prevent hair loss. According to the “National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute” exercises that help to increase the heart rate for a long period of time will help increase blood flow. Following are some of the good and simple exercises to prevent hair loss.


  • Walking is one of the most simplest exercises, but it provides many health benefits . Moreover, it is convenient for everyone and it costs you nothing other than just a pair of good quality walking shoes.
  • If you are doing physical activities for the first time, begin with five minutes walk daily, then gradually increase to 30 minutes everyday or at least 5 days per week. Brisk walking or moderately brisk walking pace on a regular basis will help you increase the heart rate and improve the health of your hair.
  • You can also increase the blood circulation and heart rate by engaging in power jogging, walking, running or race walking. Also, try to alternate the speed levels on alternate days to vary your workout regimen. Walking can be done in different environments, either outdoors or indoors.

Everyday-Type Activities:

  • Indulging in various day-to-day physical activities can improve the blood circulation of your body, including the scalp.
  • Getting involved in more physical activities like taking stairs instead of escalators or elevators, taking your dog for a walk, walking or cycling instead of cars to go near by places.These activities will help you burn your extra calories and improve your overall health.
  • Doing gardening, raking leaves, cleaning your car, landscaping, manually washing or painting your house are also other kinds of physical exercises to prevent hair loss.
  • Other everyday activities include vacuuming, wall painting, house cleaning or rearranging furniture. If you are performing such activities on a regular basis, it’s not always necessary to take out different time to work out at the gym.

Water Exercises:

  • If you love swimming, get the most benefits of swimming by performing it on a regular basis. According to the “Arthritis Foundation”, swimming is the best workout for people who have joint ailments or other health conditions.
  • Many exercises that are quite hard to perform on land or ground can be done in water easily. For example, water walking is one such exercise. Swimming provides a full-body workout at both vigorous and moderate levels of exercise.
  • Start swimming at your comfortable speed. You can do either width swim or length swim of the pool, and rest for at least two minutes once you reach one side, then swim back to your starting point. Take rest for five minutes and repeat if necessary. Gradually increase your time and speed, once you are comfortable and used to the initial speed.


  • Bicycling is also one of the best exercises to prevent hair loss. It offers a low-impact workout that allows to enjoy other things while you are working out.
  • Bicycling outdoors provides new scenery, fresh air and different terrains, while indoors riding on a stationary bike or bicycle, with no tension allows you to read a book or to watch television.
  • If you are doing outdoor bicycling for the first time, start out on a flat surface. Start to go down hills or go up the slopes, after you become stronger. For a more vigorous exercise, start riding at a faster speed.
  • If you hate the idea of cycling alone, then you can also join a bicycling club and enjoy with friends. Make sure that you wear the right and necessary safety equipments, if you are going for outdoors bicycling.

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