Hair Loss

How to Style Receding Hair

Hair loss is one of the major causes of concern today, which affects people of any age group, and both females and males. However, the male hair loss pattern is different from that of women. While male hair loss pattern is characterized by receding hair line on the frontal area, female hair loss is usually characterized by thinning hair on the crown of the head. Hair loss can be very embarrassing and it can affect one’s confidence level; however mourning over your problem may not help and it may make the condition even worse. Although, there is no cure for male pattern baldness, you can always do something that will help you make look better. Whether you are under medication to stimulate hair growth or hair loss products show no improvement for your condition, by changing a bit here and there in your hairstyle, you can make your receding hairline less noticeable. Read on if you want to know how to style receding hair.

Finding Perspective: Male pattern baldness is like weight gain. Often people start worrying over a little problem long before others notice it. Paying too much of attention may often result in unnecessary stress and this can lead to more hair loss. So, instead of worrying over your hairline, think how it fits on your face and try experimenting with different hairstyles. Changing hairstyle may not help you conceal your receding hairline completely, but it’s all about how you react and deal with your problem. You may even realize that a slight receding hairline doesn’t really look bad on you. Trying too hard to hide it may sometimes make it appear more obvious.

Styles to Conceal Your Hairline:

  • Using gel or mousse to fix your fringe in the receding hairline is not the right solution, for its stiffness will make it look unnatural and make it even more visible in fact. The trick to conceal a receding hairline is not to try too hard or be too heavy-handed about it.
  • The best approach to hide the receding hairline is to bring in a small shorter hair cut near to the problem area in a feathered or layered way.
  • Go for irregular cuts instead of symmetrical styles, for they will help you draw more attention to the longer hair strands rather than the areas where hair is thinner or absent. The idea is people may technically notice your high forehead; however they may not really see the problem area. This style creates an optical illusion.
  • If you are experiencing receding hairline, you may also notice that you have fine and pale hair below your hairline, so carefully dyeing these pale hairs may also help you create an illusion of lower hairline and make the receding hairline appear less visible.

Short Hairstyle or Long Hairstyle???

  • People often think that keeping their hair very short will make their receding hairline more obvious, but that’s completely a wrong concept. It fact, it makes it less visible because it doesn’t emphasise the shape of your hair but it highlights the shape of your head.
  • This style works best for people who have hair color that is close to their skin tone. So, keeping the hair very short or thinning hair at the frontal area is actually a great idea to style your receding hairline.
  • Keeping your hair long is not a great idea if you have a receding hairline, because you are more likely to attract people’s eyes to the contrast between your back hair and thinning frontal hair. If you have to keep your hair long or you really want to have long hair, then wearing a low ponytail low against your nape may be a better idea rather than keeping your hair loose. However, when you tie a ponytail, don’t pull it back tightly for it can cause stress to the roots of your hair and result in more hair loss.

Styles to Hide Receding Curly Hair:

  • The usual ways to hide a receding hairline may not help if you have very curly hair. It can be very difficult to draw your hair in particular directions for curly hair. However, the best method is to go for a very short hairstyle in layered style, so your hair should be kept shorter and thinner towards the front side of your head.
  • Another great idea is to bring forward some strands of your hair at one side and hold them in place by using a light gel. This style will not help you conceal your high forehead or receding hairline, but it will help you to divert attention from your long forehead and draw attention down to the eyes.

Being Bold:

  • According to recent studies, receding hairline can give a dignified look to a person as they age, which is actually flattering. So, if you have receding hairline in a windows peak, try brushing your hair backward to show your temples. Or, you can also shave off your hair completely if you want to conceal the receding hairline.
  • You can also use an ordinary hair mousse and your fingers to create more waves above the ears, which will help you enhance your cheekbones and eyebrows, making your hair look more healthy and thicker.
  • Another great way to style receding hairline is spiking your hair, and this is particularly great for people who are experiencing hair loss at an early age. However, make sure that you do it gently, especially near the receding hairline for the roots of your frontal hair may be very fragile.

Hair loss or baldness affects millions of men around the globe and people react in different ways. Gone are the days when baldness or receding hairline was considered as unfortunate or bad luck, but those ideas have changed in recent years and baldness is now considered royal and attractive. So, instead of trying hard and getting worried all the time about your hair loss, be proud and feel content about your natural appearance.

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