Hair Loss

Healthy Hair Growth

Jennifer AnistonDefective hair or slow growth of hair requires a lot of care. Even to maintain a healthy hair, proper care must be taken. Regular hair care ensures good hair quality and healthy growth of hair. While following the regular hair care routine like “washing” and “conditioning”, proper care must be taken for your beautiful locks. Hair nutrition is highly necessary to avoid hair loss and other hair problems. Here are some tips to ensure your healthy hair growth, which will unquestionably assist you to get long and shiny hairs.

Treat them with Care: Brush your hair slowly and gently that will protect your hair from damage. It is very important to treat your locks with great care for maintaining healthy hair. Remember that your hair are very delicate, so they can get damaged easily if treated harshly. Be easy when combing your hair. It is better to use a hair brush rather than a comb. Do not comb when your hair is wet. Make sure that you do not bind your hair tight constantly, especially while going to bed. Do not simply pull your hair. Protecting your hair from the sunlight and pollution is another crucial task, to maintain beautiful hair. It can be done by wearing a scarf or hats while going outside.

Opt for Quality Hair Care Products: The hair care products, which you are using can also determine much about the health of your hair. Remember that a poor quality shampoo can affect your hair condition and contribute to hair fall and baldness. Always, opt for a good brand when choosing your hair care products. Sun protection and moisturizer is also crucial for development of good hair. Another important tip to develop strong and healthy hair is to choose a product that suits your hair type.

Eat Health Foods: Following a healthy, balanced diet plays a very important role in maintaining beautiful hair. Junk foods, caffeine and aerated drinks have no role in the development of your hair, so avoid such foods as much as possible. A healthy diet for healthy hair growth includes incorporating more fresh fruits, green vegetables and protein rich foods in your daily diet. Having eggs daily will also help in growing thick and lustrous hair. Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E play an essential role in development of healthy hair. Vitamin supplements can be also taken if these vitamins cannot be obtained through your daily diet. However, ensure that you consult your doctor before you start taking any new supplement.

Restrict Styling: While you regard what to prefer in order to have beautiful hair, you also need to think what need to be avoided. Firstly, stop titling your hair. Heated styling items and chemical products should be avoided if one needs to grow natural thick hair. Using too much of styling products can cause damage to your hair and result in hair loss. Go for an air drying rather than blow drying. Cutting the usage of styling products may make you look unkempt for a few days, but the final outcome will be beautiful, natural and permanent.

Perfect Hair Care Routine: Adopting the correct daily hair care will help you attain that beautiful, healthy hair. Wash your hair two times a week and conditioning your hair is a must to have smooth, silky hair. Having a head massage once in a week with olive oil is also essential for development of healthy hair. Applying a natural hair mask weekly once is an excellent idea to improve the texture of your hair. Using a natural hair mask of honey, olive oil or eggs will ensure you have soft and smooth hair. Trimming your hair once in a while, or after every two months is essential for proper growth of hair and to avoid split ends. You can use also try using moisturizer after rinsing your hair if you have dry hair.

Incorporating the above mentioned healthy hair growth tips religiously will help you get that silky, beautiful hair, which you always wanted to have. No matter how busy you may think you are, make sure that you do not neglect your natural hair care routine. Having a healthy, beautiful hair not only makes look attractive, but also has a great impact on your entire personality.

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