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Bald Spot on Head Treatments

Bald spot on head is different from baldness. Males and females are equally affected with this kind of hair loss condition. This hair loss condition is largely hereditary. People in their thirties are generally affected by this kind of hair loss. Bald spot on head is also an autoimmune disease, thus there may be no particular treatment for this condition, usually it resolves with time. Bald spot on head treatment depends upon the underlying factors or conditions that cause bald spots. Read through and learn some of the effective treatments available to treat bald spot on head.

  • The first and foremost step to treat bald spot on head is to figure out the root cause of baldness or bald spots. Once you have determined the underlying diseases of conditions which are responsible for your baldness, start the treatment according to that.
  • Doctors or physicians usually recommend minoxidil (Rogaine) for androgenic alopecia. Minoxidil is a topical medication, which helps reduce or control the hair loss and bald spots and also stimulates hair growth.
  • Today, there are many different homeopathic and ayurvedic hair growth oils, which can help promoting healthy hair growth, regrowth and thickening the hair, are available easily in the market.
  • Scalp massage is another great and effective way to prevent or reduce bald spot on head. Massaging your scalp on a regular basis can help increase the blood circulation in the scalp and improve the health of the hair and prevent hair loss. Doing this will also promote natural hair growth.
  • Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet will not only help you improve the health of your hair, but also improve your overall health.
  • Include more fish, chicken, almond, eggs and other food items rich in protein in your diet to maintain a healthy, beautiful hair.
  • Taking vitamin B supplements are also proved to be beneficial for maintain healthy scalp and hair.
  • Doing cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis can also help you improve the blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn helps to improve the health of hair and prevent hair fall.
  • Going under the knife or hair transplantation surgery should be your last option to treat bald spot on head or other hair loss problems. Hair transplantation surgery involves removing the scalp or hair and transplanting it into the bald areas.
  • It may be quite expensive and lead to formation of scabs, some mild discomfort and pain, however they will diminish with time.

Home Remedies for Bald Spot on Head: Apart from the treatments mentioned above, here are some good home remedies used to treat alopecia areata or bald spots on head, which can be easily made at home by yourself and be followed without much worries of side effects.

  • Make a turmeric powder paste and apply it over the bald spot directly on a regular basis to treat bald spots. Turmeric is an immune stimulator which assist the immune system and can even reverse bald spots.
  • You can even drink turmeric powder together with milk to control bald spots on head. Add half teaspoon turmeric powder into a glass of milk and drink it regularly to improve the baldness condition.
  • Eat more fresh fruits that contain vitamin C and to increase your immune level, this will help you improve the condition of bald spots on head.
  • Applying arnica mother tincture and homeopathic medicine on the bald areas can also help you increase the hair growth on the bald spots.

Well, so by following these few remedies and treatments you can improve the health of your hair and get rid of bald spots on head. Take proper care of your hair by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and oiling the hair on a regular basis. Moreover, try to take the scalp massage therapy at least two times per week.

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