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All About Patchy Hair Loss

Hair loss in patches is certainly a serious cause of concern. Patchy hair loss in women or men is usually linked to a hair fall condition called alopecia areata. However, improper hair care like using too much of harsh chemical based products and certain medications can also contribute to patchy hair loss. And the worst part is that, this hair loss problems are no longer an old age condition, but also seen in many young adults nowadays. Read on to know more about the causes and treatment patchy hair loss.

Causes of Patchy Hair Loss: In today’s busy lifestyle, many people live under lots of stress and tension and stress induced hair fall, which can also lead to bald patches in worse case. Unnecessary rubbing of the scalp can be also one of the many reasons that cause hair loss. Some of the common factors that cause patchy hair loss are given below.

Medicines: Baldness, patchy hair loss or excessive hair fall can also occur due to the side effects of certain drugs. People who have undergone certain treatments like chemotherapy are often seen facing this patchy hair loss problem. Other drugs like Elmiron mainly used to treat dienestrol or bladder pain can also lead to hair loss and baldness.

Excessive Shampooing: Excessive shampooing is one of the main factors that cause patchy hair loss or hair fall in women. Using too much of shampoo on a regular basis can cause hair loss and in worse case it can lead to bald patches. Besides, using harsh chemical-based products can also cause this hair loss problem.

Syphilis: A sexually transmitted disease called syphilis can be another main factor that cause patchy hair loss both in women and men. This patchy hair loss condition is considered one of the most common symptoms of syphilis. The first stage of syphilis is often marked by the appearance of a single or multiple syphilis sores on the rectum, anal or the vaginal area. And, the people suffering from the second stage of syphilis may experience sore throat, rashes on the body, hair loss and swollen glands.

Alopecia Areata: Round bald patches on the beard and scalp are commonly seen in people suffering from alopecia areata. Alopecia mostly strikes the scalp, although it can affect other parts of your body. Initially, it will start with one or two patches on the scalp, but as it progress, multiple bald patterns will be seen.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease where the immune system affects its own hair follicles. It can be affected to both men and women. Any damage or affect to the follicle interferes with the health of the hair and eventually it causes baldness or patchy hair loss. Health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and hormonal imbalance can also be the main factor that cause hair loss.

Thyroid Problems: Thyroid problems that involve insufficient production or overproduction of the hormone is another main cause of hair loss problems. Thyroid gland which is overactive produces excessive hormone, while thyroid gland which is under active fails to produce sufficient amount of hormones and it results in patchy hair loss or circular bald patterns on the scalp.

Treatment:The only way to overcome this hair loss condition is to figure out the main cause of patchy hair loss and treat according to that. Corticosteroids injections are usually administered in case of alopecia. Basically, corticosteroids injection helps to control the immune system from attacking body’s own hair follicles and helps to regain normal hair growth. Generally, one can see the results within 4-5 weeks of using this injection. Other medicines which are commonly recommended to treat thyroid conditions or hair loss are beta blockers, L-thyroxine and iodide.

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