Hair Loss

Homemade Hair Growth Shampoos

Homemade shampoos are the best to speed hair growth. Hair loss can occur due to many factors such as stress, aging, overuse of chemical hair products, hair related disorders, etc. Natural homemade herbal shampoos encourage hair growth as they allow herbs to get absorbed directly into the scalp and hair. They even stop the damaging effects produced by commercial hair products that may cause hair damage.

Homemade shampoos are inexpensive and can be made easily. They are very effective in restoring hair growth. A mild soap base should be used to add lather to the herbal product. Castile soap is a right option as it removes oils from the scalp and hairs. Do not use soap base that has petroleum products or chemicals.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth
Natural herbs are effective in stimulating hair growth. Essential oils obtained from herbs can be added to homemade shampoos. Only alcohol-free essential oils should be used. Mix one teaspoon of oil to soap base.

Herbal Tinctures for Hair Growth
Herbal tinctures can be made very easily at home. They can be made in the same way as tea but the tincture should be more concentrated than tea. This can be obtained by adding less water. Take 6 ounces of water and add 3 teaspoons of herbs to it. Keep the herbs in the water for 15 minutes and then strain the liquid. Add 2 ounces of this tincture to 4 ounces of soap base.

Herbs that Help in Hair Growth

  • Nettles – This plant can be used either in fresh or dried form. It stimulates the growth of hair. They are available fresh during summer or spring but can also be available as dry form in other seasons. It can be made into a tincture and mixed in a soap base.
  • Rosemary – It is an ancient medicine used as a hair tonic since centuries. It stimulates the hair follicles and helps in hair regrowth. It is available fresh during summer and is also available in dry form in other seasons. It can also be made as tincture and added to soap base.

Storing the Homemade Shampoos
Homemade hair growth shampoos should be stored preferably in glass jars. You can keep a small amount of the shampoo in plastic bottles for regular use and store the rest in glass jars as glass can break easily.

Note: Keep the homemade shampoos in the refrigerator as the ingredients in them may not be stable .

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