Hair Loss

Poor Blood Circulation and Hair Loss

Poor blood circulation in the scalp causes severe hair loss. If the blood circulation is inadequate, the hair cannot receive proper oxygen, blood, lymph and nutrients and it shrinks causing hair loss. High stress levels can also lead to poor blood circulation in the scalp as it tightens the muscles. This brings down the blood flow to the extremities like hands, feet and head and the capillaries become constricted. This would stop the flow of blood to the scalp.

Circulation problems may also arise due to heredity. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) produced in the scalp inhibits the circulation and therefore results in hair loss.

How to Determine Poor Circulation as a Cause of Hair loss
Microscopic evaluation of the damaged hair helps to determine the cause of hair loss. This enables to provide an effective treatment for the hair. There are various other reasons that may cause hair loss such as medications, stress, even sebum and cholesterol.

What can be Helpful to Treat Circulation Problems and Hair Loss
There are certain effective treatments that improve the blood circulation and nourish the scalp. They include:

  • DHT Blockers
  • Follicle stimulators
  • Hair loss shampoo
  • Vitamins for hair growth

You should seek a doctor’s help before going for any of these treatments. You can use the correct treatment suggested by the doctor.

What Causes Poor Circulation?
Circulation becomes a problem as we age and especially the hair is affected the most.

  • Excess build-up of DHT on the hair roots reduce circulation and bring down the nutrition.
  • Blood that supplies nutrition is more polluted and hence the nutrition supply is cut off.
  • Cholesterol hinders the nutrition to small capillaries and nutrition to hair roots is reduced.

Remedies for Poor Circulation and Hair Loss

  • Liver cleanse techniques and consuming wheat grass helps to purify the blood.
  • Follicular-cleanse shampoos and DHT enzyme blockers stimulate and enhance the blood circulation.

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