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Side Effects of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a popular treatment for removing the curls and frizz of hairs. It is also called ‘miracle straightening treatment’. It is a natural straightening method and uses no harsh chemicals. But this treatment too holds certain side effects that are discussed below.

Keratin Hair Treatment
Keratin is an important substance found in hair, nails, teeth and skin. It gives shine, smoothness and silky texture to hair. The keratin treatment is mainly given to rejuvenate the hair by increasing its keratin content. Keratin needed for the treatment is mainly obtained from animal sources. During the treatment procedure, the keratin mixture is applied to the hair which is followed by application of hot iron.

Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects
Side effects appear only when the first hair wash is given after the keratin treatment. Side effects of keratin hair treatment include:

  • Excessive Hair Loss
    Some people suffer from hair loss after undergoing keratin treatment. After the first hair wash, the hair starts falling from its roots. Within a few weeks, you observe hair thinning pattern.
  • Induce Cancer
    Keratin hair treatment uses a carcinogenic substance called, formaldehyde. Most of the treatment methods use masks to prevent the dangerous fumes of formaldehyde getting absorbed. But even by taking such careful steps, minute amounts of it may get absorbed in the skin an may lead to cancer. Straightening effect is mainly due to formaldehyde substance and none of the treatment can avoid this substance.
  • Allergic Reactions
    Keratin treatment can also induce some allergic reactions in some people. Itching, rashes, etc are the symptoms observed. Even if you have any past allergic reactions, the allergies may recur after keratin treatment.
  • Deterioration of Hair Texture
    The hair appears shiny and lustrous after the keratin treatment is given to the hair. But the hair may or may not remain the same forever. The texture of the hair reduces within few weeks after the treatment. The hair becomes faded, messed up and dry in some cases.

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