Hair Loss

Causes of Female Underarm Hair Loss

Women mostly shave their underarms to make them look more attractive and neat. The underarm hair loss in women can be a positive effect but there are many reasons that cause hair thinning and hair loss in the underarms. The factors include many medical conditions that need a doctor’s attention. Here are some common causes of female underarm hair loss mentioned below:

Thyroid Dysfunction
This is one of the main cause for underarm hair loss in women. The dysfunctional thyroid gland can cause constriction of hair follicles. These constricted hair follicles inhibit the nutrients flow to the hair roots and thus, lead to hair loss. Hair loss can even occur in remaining body parts other than underarms.

This is a medical condition in which the pancreas become dysfunctional and will not be able to produce insulin. When insulin levels in the body go down, the blood sugar levels get imbalanced resulting in improper functioning of other systems like circulatory system. Usually, circulatory system plays an important role in stimulating hair growth. Thus, hair growth halts even in the underarms as the circulatory system becomes impaired.

This is a medical condition in which hair loss occurs on the scalp and body due to stress and impaired nerves. There appear patches rather than hair thinning due to Alopecia. Hair loss due to this condition can only be prevented or controlled by eliminating stress levels.

This is a autoimmune condition that causes underarm hair loss including scalp hair loss. There appears pink patches with silvery scales on the skin that cause severe itching and suffocation. It affects areas of skin around arms, underarms, scalp, neck and legs. This leads to hair loss in these particular areas.

This condition depletes the body from essential nutrients that help in hair growth and development. When these essential nutrients are in low levels, hair growth cannot occur and it leads to hair loss all over the body including underarm.

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