Hair Loss

What are the Reasons which Weaken the Hair Follicles?

Hair follicles are the roots of the hair, they help to maintain the hair thick and strong. If a person is a able to maintain strong roots or hair follicles, he/she will be able to cut any chances for hair loss. There are many reasons which can result in weakening the hair follicles in a person. Some of the reasons can be psychological to physiological in nature. These reasons can cause the weakening of the hair follicles which results in hair loss.

The various reasons which cause the weakening of the hair follicles can be outlined as follows:
The first and the foremost reason which can weaken the hair follicle structures is due to the poor eating habits. The unhealthy eating patterns or unhealthy food can cause a lot of damage to the hair follicles. The roots of hair can get devoid of the essential proteins and nutrients which can help to keep the hair healthy and strong.

A person has to take care of the food he/she eats. One must avoid food high on calories and sugars. These foods can cause a severe hair loss in a person.

Exposure to extreme temperatures:
The other reason which can weaken the hair follicle structure is due to the exposure to a lot of heat and coldness. The scalp region is a very sensitive part of the head. Any exposure to extreme temperatures can rob the hair of all the essential oils and also weaken the hair follicles structure. One must always avoid exposing the scalp to high temperatures. Protecting the head region from time to time from heat and cold can be a lot of help in preventing a hair loss.

Using a lot of hair gels or colors:
Another reason which can weaken the hair follicle structure is by using a lot of gels and hair colors. These hair colors can rob a person of all the vital nutrients and oils. Using these hair colors or gels excessively may lead to the breakage of hair and also cause to weaken the hair follicles. One must either avoid or use these hair colors as lesser as possible.

Improper Sleeping patterns:
Sleep can give a lot of rest and comfort to a person mind and body. There are a lot of people who often tend to underestimate the benefits of sleep. Likewise lack of sleep can also create health conditions in a person such as hair fall, anxiety. Lack of sleep can weaken the hair follicles and also lead to hair loss.

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