Hair Loss

Hair Loss due to Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol may lead to many health conditions in an individual. However, one of the side-affects a person can experience due to alcohol consumption is hair loss. One of the reasons why alcohol can cause a severe hair loss in an individual is by increasing the levels of estrogen production in the body.

How does Alcohol affect the Hair Loss in a Person?
Apart from the various health conditions consumption of alcohol can lead towards. It is also capable of causing severe loss of hair. One of the reasons for hair loss due to consumption of alcohol is due to increase in the levels of activity of the hormone estrogen and the other reason is the lowering in the levels of zinc in the body.

How does the alternation in the levels of Zinc and Estrogen affect hair loss in a person?

    • Increase in the activity levels of estrogen:

One of the biggest causes for hair loss is the imbalances caused in the levels of hormones in the body. And the consumption of alcohol can lead to a lot of imbalance in the production and the activity of the hormones. Consumption of alcohol can lead to increase in the levels of estrogen in both men and women. It also cause the roots of hair to get devoid of all the essential nutrients and minerals which can make them susceptible to break away.

    • Importance of Zinc for Hair growth:

ZInc is an essential element which can help in keeping the hair strong and healthy. The higher the levels of alcohol consumption the lower is the drop in the levels of zinc. Best solution for a person to deal with the defiency in the levels of zinc is by taking zinc supplements daily.

How to Overcome the Hair Loss due to Alcohol Consumption?
Anything done in moderation is always good. Consumption of alcohol in moderation can be good for health, but when one cross the limits of consumption it can lead to disastrous affects. It is better for a person to limit his/her alcohol consumption as much as possible. This can cut the hair loss patterns in a person caused due to Alcohol Consumption.

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