Hair Loss

Hair Loss Due to Mold

What is a Mold?
People can look for the most complicated causes for their hair loss, and one of the them is hair loss caused due to Mold. Mold is a type of fungus which can cause hair loss in a person. One of the reasons for people to lose their hair is because of the allergic reactions caused by mold in humans.

Apart from the mold allergic reactions, there are also other reasons such as the release of mycotoxins and Stachybotrys chartarum which are toxins secreted by the mold. These also can be the reason for causing a rapid hair loss in people.

How does Mold Cause Hair loss?
People require a good supply of blood to the scalp region and the roots of hair in order keep their hair healthy and strong. In case a person experiences a deficit in the supply of blood to the scalp, it can cause the hair to become disrupted and easy to fall.

The allergic reactions caused by the mold can disrupt the flow of the blood in the capillaries. This is due to secretion of a chemical in blood known as histamine. The chemical histamine causes inflammations which can disrupt the capillaries and the flow of blood through them. In case a proper care is not taken during these times it can lead to a severe hair loss and even towards the baldness of an individual.

What is the Treatment available for Hair Loss caused by Mold?
Remove the Fungus at Home:
In case a person is suffering from hair loss caused due to mold, he/she must be careful to not to be in an environment which has fungal growth. If there is a fungal growth in the house, one must take measures to remove it altogether.

Consult a Doctor:
The next step would be to approach a doctor who can diagonise the situation and provide the proper medication for it. Some of the medications may include creams which are to be directly applied onto the scalp, nasal sprays and oral medications.

Depending on the severity of the hair loss pattern the proper medications are given. One must consult a doctor in order to know the best medicine suitable for him/her.

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