Hair Loss

Does Pulling of Hair Prevent the Baldness Pattern?

One of the most famous methods that can promise to restore the hair back on the scalp is “Pulling the hair technique”. There are many people across the globe who have benefited immensely by using this technique and also restored most of their hair back.

What causes the Baldness Pattern in an Individual?
The most prominent reason for people to start losing the hair is due to the improper supply of blood to the scalp region. As the scalp region in unable to get the proper supply of blood, the hair follicles and the roots begin to lose their strength and fall away.

One the pattern of the hair fall begins in an individual, a person can experience an immense loss of hair. This can continue on and on, till a person takes the right steps to counter the hair loss.

How does Pulling of hair helps a person in Preventing the Baldness Pattern?
The hair follicles or the roots of hair are very important in having a good and strong hair. The weaker the hair follicles or the roots the easier it is for them to fall away. Pulling of hair can help in strengthening the roots and the hair follicles.

The pressure applied on the scalp while pulling the hair can stimulate a good amount of blood circulation to the scalp. This can also help the scalp to remain strong and healthy.

Method of Pulling the Hair:
The technique of pulling the hair may seem to be easy one. But there are many people who have recovered from a possible baldness pattern by using this method.

The way to perform the pulling of hair can be outlined as follows:

  • One has to grip a bunch of hair using the fingers and the palms and pull it till it hurts.
  • Then one can move onto the other parts of the scalp and pull the hair till all the region of the head is covered.
  • Even if a person has a thin hair, he can perform this techniques without worry. It can work very effectively on the thin hair as well.

During the initial days of the treatment a person may find a lot of hair coming out will pulling. But when they carry on well with the technique, the falling of hair stops and the person is also able to restore a lot of hair back on the scalp and the head region.

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