Hair Loss

Chinese cure for Hair Loss

Chinese medicines are famous for providing an effective treatment naturally. There are many traditional methods and techniques which have worked for many people all over the world in curing many ailments and diseases.

Chinese medicine is used as an alternate therapy in dealing with many diseases. Here, there are some of the tips and methods in Chinese medicine which is used for curing hair loss.

Walnuts for better Hair growth:
One of the popular way of providing an effective treatment for the hair loss is by taking a walnuts with a glass of milk early in the morning. This must be taken with an empty stomach.

Black Sesame Seeds:
Black sesame seeds also provide an effective cure for the hair loss. One must roast these seeds and then ground them to powder. This powder must be mixed with some hot water. The mixture can be flavored with some amount of sugar and can be taken during the time of breakfast.

This provides an effective cure for the hair loss. The black sesame seeds also help to maintain the shine and color of one’s hair. These seeds are also used in the preparation of vegetable dishes and meat. One can also find them available in candies.

Meat can lead to hair loss:
Eating a lot of meat can put a lot of toll on the kidneys of a person. And the Chinese believe on the importance of health and vitality of kidney in maintaining one’s hair. The diet of a person based on the animal fats, meat products and protein in animals can put undue stress on kidneys, which can lead to a greater hair loss in an individual.

Vinegar for Hair loss:
Vinegar can also provide an effective cure for hair loss. One can wash one’s hair with 200ml of rice vinegar which must be mixed in 1000ml of luke warm water. There are some individuals who are allergic to vinegar, in such cases one must perform a skin test to check the possibility of any allergic reactions. If a person experiences any, he/she must avoid using vinegar.

However vinegar can work effectively in cleansing one’s scalp and also helps in providing a healthy head of hair.

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