Hair Loss

Disadvantages of using Hair Dryers

Most of the people today cannot possibly think about drying their hair without a blower. This has become such a common way of drying their hair that many people over look the disadvantages or harm it can cause to them.

Hair dryers are used by everyone from the hair saloons to home. But how effective are they in maintaining good head of hair often remains unnoticed.

What are the harmful effects or disadvantages of hair dryers?
Due to the excessive amount of heat which comes of the hair dryers, the hair and the scalp region loses out on the essential oils present on it. This can cause the hair and the scalp region to become dry. The hair follicles or the roots of hair are very fragile and can break apart when exposed to heat.

The hair dryers can increase the chances of hair loss by weakening the hair follicles. They can rob the moisture and natural oils present in the hair making the hair dry , which can make it difficult to maintain.

How does one escape the harmful effects of hair dryers?
Keep a distance:
In case a person has no alternative but to use the blow dryer, he/she must make sure that the hair dryer is kept at a longer distance from the scalp. The closer one keeps the hair dryer to the scalp the more susceptible he/she is in damaging his/her scalp.

Keep the blow dryer at a safe distance in order to escape immense amount of heat.

The next step in drying one’s hair is by using a towel. The method is towel drying the hair is one of the safest and useful way available. One of shake of the excessive amount of water in the hair using the towel and then dry the hair by massaging with the towel.

Stand in the sun:
The rays of the sun can be very useful in drying one’s hair. They not only help to dry the scalp and hair but also help to keep the hair healthy and strong.

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