Hair Loss

Does keeping the hair shorter prevent hair loss?

One of the common reasons for hair loss is said to the be having a long hair. By growing long hair many people are prone to hair loss. Having a long hair can make it difficult for the person to maintain and condition it.

The more the length of one’s hair the more pressure it can have on the roots of a person. Due to the increased amount of pressure on the roots, the hair of a person is prone to hair loss. There are a lot of people across the globe who suffer from hair loss by keeping longer hair.

And long hair can get rough when proper conditioning is not provided to it. People with long hair have to a lot of care and concern from time to time to maintain good head of hair.

Benefits of having short hair:

  • By having shorter hair, the amount of pressure on the hair roots or follicles. This can help the hair follicles to remain strong and intact.
  • It is much more easier to condition and maintain shorter hair.
  • The hair is not prone to frizzy or dullness.
  • Shorter hair can decrease the amount of stress and tension on the head of a person.
  • Shorter hair can help a person in maintaining a cleaner scalp. A cleaner scalp is an essential for the growth and maintenance of hair.

In case a person is experiencing loss of hair at a rapid rate. It can help a person if can maintain a shorter hair. There are some people who increase the length of hair in order to compensate for the hair loss. This can only increase the chances of the hair loss. At such times a person must try to keep his/her hair as short as possible.

Having a shorter hair can also help a person in various treatments he/she is taking.

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