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Does shaving the Head totally Improve Hair Growth

There is a myth about whether a person can have a better growth of hair when he/she shaves his/her head totally. Let us into into the benefits of shaving the head totally.

Shaving of the head totally does carry a lot of benefits to it. The hair follicles can emerge in a lot thicker way when compared to that of the previous hair a person carried.

How does shaving the hair benefit hair growth?
There are a lot of people who suffer from the hair loss due to the dandruff. For most of the people who are suffering from the hair loss due to severe dandruff shaving of their head totally can act like the best cure for getting rid of the dandruff a person has.

The next important thing that a person can benefit from the shaving his/her head totally is in cleaning the scalp thoroughly. A person hair depends on the health of his/her scalp. There are innumerable pollutants and dust particles which can get stuck onto the scalp. These pollutants can cause a severe damage to the hair follicles resulting in the hair loss.

Shaving of the head totally can help a person to eliminate all the dust grime and pollutants that are present on the scalp. These pollutants once removed can help for the better growth of hair for a person.

Another benefits which a person can enjoy by shaving his/her head totally is the growth of fresh hair. the fresh hair can sprout onto the hair which can be much more thicker and stronger than the previous hair a person carried. this fresh hair can be well taken care of from time to time to avoid any mistakes a person has made in maintaining his/her previous hair that caused damage.

A person can start to take care of the hair once shaven totally and avoid few mistakes to enjoy a good head of hair henceforth. If you are reading this article, you may also like to read more article on
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6 responses to Does shaving the Head totally Improve Hair Growth

  1. im a 18 year old boy ….my hair is fallin really badly will shaving my head prevent this problem……

  2. hii ron…first of all lemme tell u some basic facts about head will help definately to control also sufferin from d same prob..n i hav shaved my head 3 times in 2 weeks..u first shave ur head wait for 3 days den shave again den again three days..repeat it 3to4 times..this will help the hair roots..they will become stronger..n thus will help ur hairfall..apply oil daily to d scalp..n wen ur hair come take care of them..i think it will help you..the hair will be more denser wen dey come.

  3. i was totally confused about my hed shaving… After reading this artical i got perfection

  4. fentastic to read this article..actually tomorrow i had planned to shave my head…now i can go ahead with full heart

  5. hey i am 16 years old only. but i am loosing my hair another thing is i have less slim and little hair only in my head is shaving out it helps to grow hair thicker,stronger and will it help to fill the gaps in my head? plz help me . i am only waiting for u guyz reply plz plz say guyz put me a reply….

  6. shaving the hair totally is too good for the scalp

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