Hair Loss

Benefits of using Hair serum

There are lot of newer products coming into the market everyday and hair serum is supposed to be the new entrant. For people who have very little time in oiling the hair or conditioning it can make use of the hair serum for providing it.

Serum can provide a lot of conditioning for the hair without the sticky feeling which the oils generally provide. It is generally used for controlling the rough and frizzy hair which cannot be combed. Application of the hair serum can help in combing and better styling of the hair.

How does one apply the hair serum?
Hair serum should normally be applied to the hair. one must see to it that the hair serum must not be applied to the scalp of a person. One can apply the hair serum after washing and drying the hair. One can take a few drops of hair serum onto the palms and rub them together in order to spread them.

Once it is spread, apply the hair serum onto the hair leaving the portion of the scalp.

How does hair serum work?
Hair serum acts as a cover for the hair strands. It forms a layer of protection for these hair which can be susceptible to the damage caused by the sunlight. They act like a sunscreen protection lotion. there are many harmful rays inn the sun specially the UV rays which can cause a lot of damage to the hair. This can be prevented by using a hair serum, which also acts as sunscreen lotion to the hair.

Hair serum can also help in protecting the hair from the blow dryer or the hair straightening machines or curling irons. Once the hair serum is applied onto the scalp a person can allow it to dry off naturally or even make use of a blow dryer.

There are many hair serums available in the market and the tropical hair serums seem to be the best choice.

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