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Arginine Hair Loss

Arginine is very important in many body functioning. If arginine is missing in the body can lead to sexual dysfunction, hypertension and hair loss. Scientists prove arginine useful in generation of urethra in 1932. Urethra functions in removal of toxic ammonia from the body. The other use of arginine is synthesizing creatine which is eliminated by the kidney. People deficient in arginine face problems like hair loss, constipation, poor wound healing.

How is Arginine Related to Hair Loss
Hair growth is stimulated by vasodilator. Vasodilator which moves through other parts to stimulate the process of circulation. This is due to nitric oxide which is important in hair regrowth. Minoxidil and nitric oxide work in same way that is by unlocking potassium and its chemical analog. Minoxidil has nitric oxide group as its component.

Food Products Containing Arginine
Research are going on arginine and hair loss relation. Arginine is not yet proved to be useful for hair loss but products containing arginine are useful in hair loss treatment. Till then people suffering from hair loss can consume foods containing arginine like coconut, sesame, cashews, almonds, walnuts, barley, meats, oats etc. Arginine is used by sports players and athletes to stimulate growth hormones. It is suggested that health conscious individual consume arginine on daily basis.
Adults can consume 2000 mg of arginine.
Children’s can consume 5 to 10 grams.

Side Effects of Arginine
Arginine can also be used as tropically for treating hair loss. Amino acid is water soluble. So when arginine is used with water based medium can provide significant results. But it is not yet FDA approved. Side effects include stomach cramps, increased amount of stool and stomach discomfort. Arginine can be allergic to some people.

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