Hair Loss

Hair loss due to constipation

Hair loss in a person is caused due to innumerable reasons. There can be many factors behind the hair loss a person is experiencing. And constipation can play a major part in causing a hair loss to a person.

How does constipation affect the hair loss in a person?
There are many people who suffer from chronic constipation at one of their lives or the other. The main reason for the chronic constipation to affect the process of hair loss can be explained as follows:

As the waste material from the body is not removed from tim e to time. It can get stagnated at the colon. As these materials are stored in the body they can contaminate the blood and make it impure.

This can affect the normal circulation of blood that goes in the body. The impurities present in the blood can cause an immense amount of hair fall for a person going through chronic constipation.

How does one deal with the hair loss due to constipation?
Constipation indicates only one thing, that there is no proper bowel movement in the body of a person. For a person to have a proper bowel movement he/she is supposed to increase the intake of fiber in their food.

Fiber helps in a better digestion of food, and also aids in better movement of the bowels in the body.

The next important thing for a person to do is to engage in some physical activity. Doing some physical activity can improve the bowel movement of a person considerably.

Another method which can help a person in curing the constipation is water therapy. By drinking at least 2 liters of water as soon as one wakes up can help to cure constipation to a large extent.

By using the methods and principles outlined here, one can deal with the hair loss one is experiencing to a large extent.

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