Hair Loss

Does Oily Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

Oily Scalp Causes Hair Loss:
It is important to understand the reason for oily scalp to cure it. Oily scalp is like acne. Hormonal imbalance increases activity of sebaceous gland. In severe case it causes dandruff. This develops bacteria and fungus. Other reasons which stimulates the reaction of bacteria are stress, inappropriate shampoos, chemicals from cosmetics. These all cause hair loss.

Hair follicles are damaged or blocked with debris which causes hair loss. Oily scalp when exposed to atmosphere causes dust to stick on the scalp which causes bacteria and fungus in the scalp. Once the hair follicle is blocked it stops hair growth. Further, when hair falls out no new growth is seen in the affected area. If you notice number of white flakes it is because of oily scalp which is not cleaned properly. Thus, causing dandruff. Dandruff also increase hair loss.

Few Steps to Reduce Hair Loss due to Oily Scalp:

  • Use mild shampoos.
  • Reduce usage of shampoo that is once or twice. Using shampoos excessively increases sebaceous gland activity.
  • Don’t rube or scratch the scalp while washing. It removes the skin which is regrown on the old patchy skin.
  • Use excess water to wash the scalp as chemical left on the scalp may cause irritation and develop bacterias.
  • Avoid using chemicals on the scalp this initiates the action of bacteria.
  • Don’t touch your scalp so frequently as it activates sebaceous gland to protect the scalp.
  • To remove the bacteria don’t apply shampoos in the roots, it can damage the scalp.
  • Use cleansing agents like apple cider vinegar to clean the scalp. This is mild and has no side effect when used.

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