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Thicken Eyebrows

Castor oil is one of the natural product used to encourage eyebrow hair growth. There are other products which can be used to enhance eyebrows. Coconut oil, squeezed onion juice. These all products used for longer time can make your eyebrows look thick. After using any of this products you can go to a hairdresser and have nice eyebrow cut.
Our beauty is enhanced by the clean and clear face. beautiful face is enhanced by beautiful eyes. Eye make up can make eyes look beautiful no matter eyes are small or big. Eyelashes and eyebrows make eyes look attractive. Mascara and eyebrow pencil can give artificial beauty to your eyes. Their are some ways in which eyebrow hairs can be naturally thicken.

Easily Available Eyebrow Thickening Products:

  • Castor oil is very useful in hair growth. Though, it is not recommended by people due to its stickiness. As per your convenience use Castor oil daily or alternate day. Apply it at night times so that it stays on eyebrows for longer time. Some people can get allergies with the use of Castor oil so if you feel any itching while using it then, stop using it. Use it for 3 weeks for better results.
  • Other then caster oil we can use coconut hair oil. This is best as it has no side effects. But the effect of coconut oil is very slow. It will take time to work. Apply it daily at night times. For better results use it for 2-3 months.
  • Alternative to it is squeezed onion juice. This product will also help to grow new hairs on eyebrows. Use It regularly as per your convenience. It is easily available. Any product used at night will give better results, as it will be their for long time and have more time to work on the applied area. Only the problem with using onion is that, the smell of onion will be irritating for some people.

All these products are natural products so have no side effects while using. but, it takes longer time to show results. You can use some make up materials to make eyebrows look good. Their are many products in market which can be used to enhance the eye beauty. But, we all know they all are temporary so for permanent result you can use any of the household products mentioned above.

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