Hair Loss

Prolactin and its Effect on Hair Loss

Prolactin is a hormone which is produced in women. High level of prolactin is known as hyperprolactemia. During hyperprolactemia the serum level of this hormones gets elevated. This is generally seen in non-pregnant women. This condition increases testosterone. This testosterone combines with 5- alpha reductase enzyme to form DHT- Dihydrotestosterone.

Effect of DHT on Hair Loss:

This DHT is responsible for hair loss and also affects hair follicles. Due to the effect of DHT, hair follicles get destroyed and fall down making the hair area bald. So to stop DHT formation, we must first reduce the formation of prolactin.

How to Stop Hair Loss:

  • Clean your hair gently so that there is no oil secretion on the scalp.
  • Have foods which contain prolactin like egg, milk and chicken.
  • There are many pills in the market which can be used to reduce prolactin level.
  • Excess of prolactin could be harmful so try these pills for some time and if you don’t see results then stop them.
  • If there is an excess of hair fall please consult a doctor. </li
  • There are many other hormones which are responsible for hair loss.

Hair loss has sociological and psychological effect, as the person suffers mentally. So, it is important to treat it with care. You must definitely take care in the initial stages. Later it will have an adverse effect. It can also lead to severe baldness.

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