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Shikakai: Is Shikakai the Best Natural Shampoo?

Are you tired of using the chemical-based shampoos and conditioners? Do you long for shiny, lustrous hair? Do you want to try out natural products on your tresses? Then shikakai is just the answer you were looking for.

What is shikakai?
Shikakai literally means “fruit for hair”. (quite an apt name, we say!) Shikakai, or Acacia concinna, has been used in India for healthy hair since ages.This shrub is found in plenty throughout India and commercially grown in the Far East. The leaves, pods and bark of the plant is used as an extract or in dry, powdered form.

Shikakai for healthy hair
Shikakai is one of the best natural remedies for healthy hair. Pods of shikakai consist of saponins. These compounds produce lather when they are mixed with water. These compounds help in cleaning the scalp off the oil. With low pH level, it smoothly conditions the hair without drying it. Thus, shikakai helps hair by:

  • cleaning the excess oil from the scalp;
  • conditioning the hair;
  • preventing the excess drying of hair;
  • making the hair shiny, smooth and lustrous;

How to use shikakai on hair?
Shikakai can be used either as paste or liquid.

  1. In paste form: Take a few tablespoons of powdered shikakai and mix it in hot or cold water. Form a paste which is fairly thin. Leave the paste for 15 minutes. Apply it on the hair. It can be applied to the whole length of hair. Wash it with warm water after a few minutes.
  2. In liquid form: Take a mug of water and add a couple of tablespoons of shikakai powder. Shake it to form lather. Rinse your hair with this liquid.
  3. Shikakai can also be used with other herbal treatments for hair like henna, yoghurt, lemon juice, amla, neem and fenugreek. This will yield better results.

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