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Pubic Hair Loss: What Causes Pubic Hair Loss?

Are you losing your pubic hair and are alarmed about it? Well, it can be scary to lose the hair around your genitals if you don’t know the cause. Pubic hair thinning is normal as one gets old. However, it can get a little distressing. There are a number of causes for pubic hair loss. Some of them are listed below.

Causes for pubic hair loss
Hair thinning around the genitals is associated with some conditions like:

Addison’s disease: It is a rare disease which can affect men as well as women. It is characterized by under-production of some hormones known as adrenal corticosteroids. It is a progressive hormonal disorder.

Alopecia: It is a condition where hair loss ranges from patches to complete baldness. It might also include pubic hair loss.

Hypopituitarism: A condition where there is a decreased production of one or more hormones produced by pituitary gland is hypopituitarism.

Menopause: Women undergoing menopause experience hair loss in the pubic region. They might also notice hair loss in the legs and the armpits.

Liver Cirrhosis: It is the outcome of severe liver disease where the liver stops functioning properly. Patches of hair fall from the genital region.

Pituitary disease: Pituitary gland is situated in the brain and controls the functioning of other glands. Any condition that leads to improper functioning of pituitary gland causes diseases.

Sheehan Syndrome: This rare condition is noticed in women who undergo severe uterine hemorrhage during the childbirth.

Van Wyk-Grumbach syndrome: This condition involves early onset of puberty and lactation in children.

Werner syndrome: This is premature aging which starts in the early adulthood.

Aging: It is normal to lose pubic hair once a person starts growing old.

Cancer: Some cancers like Leukemia can lead to falling of pubic hair. Chemotherapy can also cause hair loss.

Under-active adrenal gland: The under-active adrenal gland causes pubic hair loss and also hair fall on the body.

Report any kind of abnormal hair fall in the genital area to your doctor.

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