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Hair Loss Treatment- Are Bach Flower Remedies For Hair Loss Effective?

Hair loss can be extremely traumatizing for one’s personality and self esteem. Hundreds of articles have already been written about the causes and treatments for hair loss. One of the major causes of hair loss is stress. The hair loss treatments are either too expensive or come with side effects. In such a scenario, natural remedies for hair loss can come to our rescue. One such natural remedy for hair loss is Bach Flower Remedies for hair loss.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?
Bach Flower Therapy or remedies is a form of alternative medical system. It was developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The therapy doesn’t aim at curing the disease. In fact, it works at bringing about positive energy. We are surrounded by negative emotions like jealousy, anxiety, frustration, insecurity, hatred etc. These emotions lead to a variety of illness including hair loss. The negative emotions stems from our surroundings or our mind. Bach Flower Remedies are made up of 38 flowers which helps in establishing emotional balance. Each flower is used for a particular emotion.

Are Bach Flower Remedies for hair loss effective?
Hair loss is associated with stress and anxiety. Bach Flower Therapy helps at relieving these negative emotions. This results into a stress-free and happy person. A study was conducted on men, women and children. They all were give Bach Flower therapy. Two- third of the patients observed positive results after the therapy.

Remedies in Bach Flower Therapy to treat hair loss

Following remedies in Bach Flower therapy are said to cure hair loss:
Star of Bethlehem
White chestnut
Sweet chestnut

These remedies do not cure the hair loss directly. In fact, they address the problems of stress and anxiety which cause stress-induced hair loss. The therapy relaxes you and opens you to a new positivity in these trying times or extreme stress and recession. Though it is a natural cure for hair loss, professional guidance is recommended before starting the therapy.

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