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Reflexology Therapy For Hair Loss Treatment

As we all know that in this age of cut-throat competition and deadlines stress is inevitable. About 75% of our health problems are related to stress. Hair loss, which has become a nightmare for many professionals, can also be a by-product of stressful existence. Reflexology is said to fight hair loss induced by stress. Like acupuncture, homeopathy and ayurveda , reflexology too is an alternative therapy.

What is reflexology therapy?
Reflexology therapy was practiced by the Egyptians for their over-all well being. It is a therapy based on the understanding that our body is divided into ten zones. Each organ, gland or system is associated with these zones present in the ears, feet or hands. Pressing or massaging these areas can stimulate the blood flow, nutrients, nerve impulses and energy in that zone. This will relieve the tension and improve the condition of the area.

In reflexology therapy pressure is applied on the specific points to release the tension. It also stimulates body’s potential to heal itself. This promotes natural healing. Reflexology mainly aims at complete health of the body. It revitalizes the body by removing the stress.

Reflexology therapy for hair loss
Since stress is one of the causes for hair loss, reflexology therapy can help fight hair loss. Nails are the zones associated with scalp and hair. In reflexology therapy the nails of both the hands are rubbed against each other. This may solve hair problems.

Like any other alternative therapy, reflexology too should be combined with a healthy diet and certain lifestyle changes. Since, reflexology therapy comes with no side effects, it would be good to give it a try. After all, you have nothing to lose!

How Does Reflexology Prevent Hair Loss?
Reflexology is a therapy of applying pressure to your hands and feet utilizing specific finger, thumb and hand methods without the use of lotion, cream or oil based on reflex areas and a system of zones that reflect the body image on the hands and feet. A reflexologist aims to regain equilibrium or calmness in the body, thus helping to improve a natural healing process on the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. Reflexologists also aim to stimulate some acupressure areas on the feet, hands and ears to restore energetic imbalanced, which can disturb the natural hair growth and contribute to hair loss.

Reflexology Helps Reduce Stress Levels

We all know that stress is one of the major causes of hair loss or baldness. And, reflexology helps to prevent hair loss by lowering the physical and emotional effects of stress on your body. It works to prevent hair loss by:

  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Stimulating feelings of deep relaxation and calmness in your body.
  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulating nerve pathways
  • Improving venous circulation
  • Stimulating the body’s production of endorphins, which are the natural feel-good hormones.

Reflexology Points That Stimulate Hair Growth

Stimulating acupressure points will help prevent or control hair loss. When applied pressure to certain reflexology acupressure points, it stimulates internal organs thus resulting in increased blood flow throughout your body. The areas below the finger nail beds are closely associated with hair growth and the scalp’s health, since the nerve endings beneath each fingernail are directly connected to the roots of the hair. Therefore, when applied pressure to your nail beds, it helps to increase the blood circulation and improves the health of your scalp. This in return increased the nutritional supply to you hair hair follicles and strengthen your hair, thereby preventing hair loss.

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