Hair Loss

Causes Of Dog Hair Loss And Blackened Skin

Dogs usually lose hair as a part of their natural cycle. However, if your dog has been suffering from hair loss along with darkened skin then there might be an underlying disease.

Some conditions for dog hair loss and blackened skin

  • Adrenal sex hormone responsive dermatitis: Hair loss on tail, neck, trunk and thighs. The skin darkens. Mitotane is used for for treatment.
  • Acanthosis Nigricans : The skin darkens and there is itching. Hair loss is observed. It is treated through steroids and Vitamin E.
  • Castration responsive dermatisis : Hair loss in the neck and genital area. The skin of the dog may appear dark. Castration is the treatment.
  • Allergic & Irritant Contact Dermatitis:Blisters or bumps appear on the skin. There is hair loss and darkening of the skin. One should remove the irritant from the dog’s surrounding. Steroids and antihistamines can be used.
  • Cushing’s disease in dogs: Hyperpigmentation and hair loss are the common symptoms. Steroids of high doses can fight the disease.
  • Cyclic (cicatrical) alopecia: Symmetrical hair loss and darkening of the skin may appear. There is no treatment for this condition.
  • Follicular dystrophy/dysplasia: Hyperpigmentation along with hair loss on the body is observed. There is no treatment for this condition.
  • Demodectic Mange: The symptoms are hair loss, redness, ulcers, itching and skin darkening.
  • Hyperestrogenism: Enlarged nipples and vulva, hair loss, skin darkening are the common symptoms.
  • Growth hormone responsive alopecia: Hair loss on the tail, thighs and neck. The skin darkens. It can be treated with hormonal supplements.
  • Tail dock neuroma: Itching, hyperpigmentation and hair loss are observed.
  • Malassezia: Itchy scales along with hair loss and skin darkening are found in the dog.
  • Hypothyroidism in dogs: The dog develops dry hair leading to hair loss, lethargy, obesity and skin pigmentation. It can be treated by administering thyroid supplementation.
  • Sertoli cell tumor: The male dogs develop female sexual characteristics besides hair loss and increased skin darkening. It is treated through castration.

A veterinary should be consulted if you observe any uncommon symptoms in your pet.

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