Hair Loss

Summer Hair Loss: Causes and Prevention

Summertime is usually considered as the season for hair growth. Hair loss during summers is highly rare and it is observed that hair grows faster during summers. Over exposure to heat or excess heat can cause severe damage to your hair. Heat can even burn your delicate tresses hence you need to take proper hair protection measures during this season. Heat and humidity during summers can lead to hair loss. Other causes for summer hair loss are listed below:

  • Humidity leads to excess sweating making your scalp greasy and dirty. This dirt accumulated increases the chances of fungal infection, causing damage to hair roots. This enhances the chances of hair loss during summers.
  • Sun exposure makes your hair and scalp dry. The heat saps the natural moisture for the hair, making them dry and brittle. This is another important cause for summer hair loss.
  • Due to heat your body tends to loose more water and essential electrolytes hence disturbing body’s pH level. Increased acidity or alkalinity also has adverse effect on your hair, making them weak and susceptible to breakage.
  • Besides the heat and humidity, everyday pollutions and pollutants worsen the condition.

Summer Hair Care Tips:

After listing the some of the major causes for summer hair loss, now it’s time to list out few hair care tips. Some of the summer hair care tips effective in combating summer hair loss are listed below:

  • First and foremost make sure that you cover your hair whenever you go out in sun. You can use an umbrella, cap, hat or even tying a scarf would be effective in protecting your hair from harmful UV rays of sun.
  • Secondly wash your hair regularly at least twice a week. It is advisable to use mild shampoos as strong shampoos can make your hair even dry and brittle. Make sure that shampoo reads “pH Balanced”.
  • Make sure that you keep your hair well conditioned. After shampooing your hair use a good conditioner, it will be helpful in locking moisture in your hair. But make sure that you use moderate amount of conditioner, don’t over do.
  • Before going out in sun apply small quantity of leave-in conditioner. This is effective in protecting your hair from the harmful effect of UV rays.
  • Drink plenty of water; this is essential in keeping your hair hydrated. Besides water, eat lots of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid taking greasy, fried and hot foods. It is advisable to avoid caffeinated, carbonated drinks and alcohol especially in summers.

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