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Oily Hair Characteristics

Have your ever washed your hair in the morning, only to find it greasy in the evening? If your answer is yes, you may be having oily hair. Oily hair looks greasy, attracts dirt and can be difficult to style. Knowing your hair type is important as it helps you to care for it properly.

What Causes Oily Hair?
Oily hair is caused due to the excessive production of oil by the scalp. Each hair shaft has a sebaceous gland which produces sebum to keep the hair moisturized, flexible and oily. However, excessive production of sebum gives the oily hair characteristics to your hair.

Oily Hair Characteristics:
Here are some of the oily hair characteristics:

  • Oily hair tends to get greasy even after shampooing
  • It is difficult to style or manage as it is weighed down by oil
  • It lacks volume and looks flat
  • Oily hair tends to attract more dirt due to its greasy nature
  • Oily hair clings to the scalp and can form clumps

Oily hair characteristics are hereditary. Oily hair can also be due to humidity, excessive brushing, overuse of hair styling products, and hormonal problems etc.

Tips to Manage Oily Hair Care:
Here are a few tips to manage oily hair:

  • Avoid running your fingers through your hair after styling. This will speed up the transfer of oil
  • Use a cleaning shampoo to wash your oily hair. Make sure you wash the scalp properly along with the hair
  • Lather your hair twice if you find your hair oily after shampooing for the first time
    Leave the shampoo on your scalp for about 5 minutes before rinsing
  • Avoid over brushing of hair

Recognizing oily hair characteristics is the first step to care for your oily hair. If you find your hair is oily, make sure you take care of it to keep it stylish and healthy

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