Hair Loss

Loosing Hair In Just One Spot

Loosing out hair and going bald affects one’s confidence to a great extent. What is more embarrassing is loosing out hair in just one spot and trying to cover it by the remaining hair left on your head or by covering it with a cap or a scarf.

Baldness depicts early signs of aging especially in men who cross the age of 40. Lifestyle problems, stress and other issues is nowadays causing baldness in men who are just in their twenties itself.

It starts with hair loss in just one spot on the head. Though a very frightening scenario, there is certainly something one can do about it. Here are some steps and measures one can take up  to deal with this problem.

1) Avoid washing your hair with commercial shampoos, especially ones that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. These shampoos contain harmful agents that block the pores and cause hair fall. It would be advisable to use shampoos that contain herbal properties like aloe vera etc.

2) Hair loss is also caused due to lack of blood circulation. You may be experiencing hair loss in that particular spot due to lack of blood circulation also. Massaging your head everyday, at that particular spot will help improve blood circulation, and will lead to re-growth of hair.

Keep in mind these tips and enjoy a healthy crop of hair on your head.

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